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Laboratory research and tests

Laboratorial proportioning of effective working mixture:

collection of samples from repair or construction objects before beginning of works
identification of sources of local building materials and industrial wastes
proportioning of mixture contents and consumption of stabilizing additives
optimization of granulometric composition of working mixture, if required
laboratory tests of strength properties of optimal working mixture
approval of an optimal working mixture formula
working mixture quality control in the working process (every shift)

Research has shown that strengthening of clayey soils with the POLYBOND® stabilizer increases ultimate compression strength of the specimens at 28 days by 1.5-2 times if compared with reference specimens; and the water resistance index increases up to 0.8. The elasticity modulus of a soil layer strengthened with Polybond reaches 600 MPa and more.

Tests of working mixture specimens Formed working mixture specimens Tests of working mixture specimens